More about my host family

12 March

Today I received an email with additional information about my (temporary) host family! Unfortunately I can not place pictures for privacy reasons, maybe I can do that later when I am there and ask their permission!

I have a father, mother and 2 sisters! I’ve always wanted to be a big sister so I think it’s absolutely great! The parents are both still very young, 36! and the girls are 7 and 9! I am their first exchange student so I hope it is fun for both of us and that can stay there for all 11 months 😀

They love skiing, camping, gardening, piano, violin, calligraphy, drawing and much more! We have many things in common so I’m really looking forward: D

I also have more information about school. It is a private school. In a Japanese school you join “clubs” that you can choose. There are clubs for cooking, painting, football, music, judo, swimming, basketball, rugby, tennis, badminton, tea ceremony and more!
The school has about 900 students, 300 girls and 600 boys.

(For those knowing Hanakimi, I had an Ashiya Mizuki déjà vu when I learned about the school 😛 hahah)

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  1. Kana says:

    Sounds so fun! I’m excited to read michelle’s blog!!!(*゜▽゜)*゜▽゜)

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