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Shopping with Nao!

17 September

Today I had an appointment with Nao, a girl that was on Yamanote last year. I met her at the beginning of my exchange, I went that time with a number of Rotary students and Japanese friends to Karaoke. That … Continue reading

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Asahikawa with host family

17 June

Today I did not go to tennis, today we went to Asahikawa! That is a city in Hokkaido, about 2.5 hours driving from Sapporo. You have to imagine, when you drive 2.5 hours in Holland you we would be in … Continue reading

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Tennis tournament in Maruyama

26 May

It has been a while since ( last updated my blog. It’s now Saturday afternoon and today I did not went to tennis. My sisters would actually have a sports festival (運動会) but that was postponed due to a few … Continue reading

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Fever, AFS meeting, Golden week, Celeste leaving

30 April

It was quite an easy week. After the busy weekend with karaoke and fun I became somewhat run-down. Tuesday was medical checkup day at school that means a day of for me. Unfortunately I became ill and stayed in bed … Continue reading

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To Mama-chan in Minami, Sapporo

5 April

Today we had some sort of day off. I had ‘free time’ until about 15:00 when we went to see Mama-chan. Mama-chan is my Japanese grandmother, Okaa-san’s mother. Normally you call grandmother Obaa-san but Mama-chan doesn’t want that because that … Continue reading

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School & Dango

1 April

Today I went for the first time to school, yes indeed, on Sunday. Schools are open every day, in the weekend mainly for the clubs. My LP (AFS contact) was waiting, with her baby on her arm, for me and … Continue reading

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