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School trip day 1, Sapporo, Kobe and Kyoto

5 November

Finally !!! Going on school trip!!! From Monday to Friday I am going to Kyoto, Nara and Tokyo with the second year students of my school. The preceding weeks were pretty hectic and the information was repeated 300 times. My … Continue reading

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Asahikawa with AFS

25 October

Today I went together with the other AFS students in Sapporo to an event at the Fuji Girls’High School in Asahikawa. It was the same kind of event as the camp we had earlier with the same people. This time … Continue reading

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7 October

Yes, it’s October already! And it’s slowly getting colder. Especially in the morning and the evening. I do really like it with my new family! Only the long travel to school makes me a little tired. This weekend was an … Continue reading

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School, school trip and making butter

24 August

Everything has an end and so has my summer holiday. Tuesday we had to clean up our class room. I thought they made a joke since we did that right before the summer holiday, Not! The principal and teachers gave … Continue reading

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Last time with Rachael

8 August

Today I made an appointment with Rachael. She is leaving on Aug, 12 back home in the US and because I will be on holiday on 12e en 13e with my host family I can’t say goodbye on the airport. … Continue reading

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UL Camp with AFS

3 August

From July 31 until Aug 3 I had Camp together with all AFS students from Sapporo and Asahikawa. The camp was organized by a girl’s only school in Asahikawa that was happy to meet us. What UL means have no … Continue reading

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