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Tennis club, Purikura & Pictures

6 May

Today a went to the tennis club again. I woke up at 7 O’Clock and appointed with Fumi (the graduated Yamanote student) to walk together to school. He is very nice but speak  zero English, so it is very hard … Continue reading

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First week at school

20 April

It is now Friday morning and today I have no school. That is because there are medical checkups for all students. Our homeroom teacher said we had to go for a checkup, but because we had a check before we … Continue reading

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First day on school!

9 April

Today was my first school day! We had to be at school at 8:10. Okaa-san and me took the train of 6:37. I woke up at 5:00 because I was pretty nervous for my speech. Once at school, Yamanote Senior … Continue reading

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School & Dango

1 April

Today I went for the first time to school, yes indeed, on Sunday. Schools are open every day, in the weekend mainly for the clubs. My LP (AFS contact) was waiting, with her baby on her arm, for me and … Continue reading

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Host family!

28 February

Finally I heard something about my host family. It took a long time but as they said `It’s goanna be alright` This morning I was called from class by the feared man that handles the absences. I just told a … Continue reading

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