Birthday, sushi bar and presents

18 juni

Today is my eighteens birthday! A special age in Holland, not in Japan. To be honest I feared my birthday a little. I just changed family and birthdays are not celebrated like at home. When I woke up they all congratulated me but that was it! I thought, it must be the Japanese way, I did not pay too much attention to it.

School is only 10 minutes walking from home! That’s very nice! At school Rachel gave me a present. In Japan it’s not usual to open a present when other people are there. The second hour I had a private lesson from my Japanese teacher. She also gave me a present!! Because there was no one else I was allowed to open it! It was a hair clip and a ring to wear with my yukata, a simple version of a kimono that people wear at festivals, very cute!

Because only a few people knew it was my birthday I told everyone that I spoke that it was my birthday and then everybody congratulated me and that was nice! At tennis to boys even started to song ‘Happy birthday’!

At home I had to hurry because my host parents and Sumire went to a SUSHIBAR! Yes! Real sushi!

It was pretty big and busy! It was a new restaurant and they had all these high tech things. You ordered you sushi, pie, drinks and ice cream via some sort of iPad! There was also a small tap with hot water for the green tea!

We had all sushi fresh made, because when sushi is for some time on the conveyor belt the rice gets dry and hard and that’s not so tasty. Luckily for me you could order sushi without wasabi. Wasabi is that very spicy green stuff!

I had a lot sushi! And many things I never had before! It was very tasteful and I am so grateful we went to the sushi bar!

At home Okaa-san went to prepare tea and we were watching TV when suddenly they switched of the lights and Okaa-san and Sumire came to me with a beautiful pie with eighteen candles on it!!

They had the pie prepared specially for me with my name on it, so cute! When I blew all candles everyone gave me presents! I was pretty…  confused and did not know what to say, except for thank you thank you! I did not expect they would celebrate my birthday this much! Especially since I am here only for three days now!

Sumire gave me very cute earrings! Okaa-san gave me flowers for my hair that match my yukata and school socks! Perhaps because I said I only had three pair of school socks and asked what soap to use to wash them. Otou-san gave me a very nice bracelet with my Initial ‘M’. It is the same brand as the dream purse I am going to buy! Exactly the good match!

I never expected to have such a beautiful and nice birthday! I want to thank everyone for their nice reactions on face book! Although I hardly have the time to react on that. It made me very happy!! 😀 Thank you all!

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