New host family, new opportunities & softball

23 september

Yes, I am already with my third host family. My former host family lives near my school but from day one there was no real contact. I tried very hard to become part of the family and talked over and over with my LP. My host father said at a moment that I ‘am not family, neither will become family’. From that moment on I thought, ok, then I will only be home to eat, shower and sleep. I did that for a week when I heard that tomorrow (Saturday the 22th) I will change host family. I stayed two month in this family but I became so sad that I wanted to go home. Fortunately Tanaka-san offered help and she took care of me and found a new host family.

I was very nervous because I was afraid the new family would be the same as the previous.

My new family lives VERY far from school so I have to travel a lot. My LP brought me and when we arrived we had a warm and friendly welcome by my new host parents and host sister of 6 years old. Both parents are young and it is their first time to be host family. Later I found out that this family is very close friends with that very nice family where I lived a month. When things did not work out in my previous family I asked that family for help but because the mother is also a LP she could not help me. But after all they did found this family for me. I am veeeryyy grateful for that!

The house is beautiful in a small neighborhood, everything is brand new and at the backside of the house is a terrace next to a forest! The house is very light and neatly, as is my room. I sleep on a bed/sofa and I have a small cabinet for my cloth that is big enough because I will send my summer cloth back home soon.

After a lot of talking my LP went away and we had lunch. The weather was still beautiful so we could sit outside. My host parents, father Shoe and mother Noriko, did not know what to do. I think they were nervous like me. But from the first moment it felt good with a nice atmosphere.

Shoe lived in the USA for 8 years and speaks English very well. He works in the family company and is as I understood the 4th generation. Noriko is always home and speaks English too but we normally speak Japanese, except for the difficult words!

My host sister is Keito and is so sweet and small. Keito is very quiet and sweet!

After lunch I unpacked my luggage and made up my room a little. Next I talked a lot with my parents and Keito. I think I spoke more with this family in a weekend then with the previous family in two month.

We then walked to the bus and the train station because I have to learn the way to school. I live far from school now and have to take the bus at 7 O’clock then the subway and finally the bike! Sometimes my host father brings me to the station in the morning on his route to work and then I only have to wake up at 6:30!

The next day, on Sunday my host father had a company party with the family. I am now also part of the family so I was invited too! We went playing softball and after that we had BBQ.

It was not exactly a company party, but it was a party for all Shachou’s (company owners) younger than fifty. The Shachou’s represented all different kind of companies like for example: a sushi restaurant, a kimono shop, accountants, lawyers, a design company, name it and it was represented!

They were all very kind and wanted to know everything about me. I talked with lots of people that all said I should come to work for them or come by! Very nice!

We were divided in six groups and we had three fields available for playing softball. The mothers and children did not join the game but I was asked to join. Fortunately I have some ball control and could hit the ball, but they could catch it each time.

I think the team of Shoe won.

After the games we went together for the barbecue. We had Yakiniku, that is all kinds of meat and vegetables, very delicious! They had lots of bear and after a while a number of people were somewhat tipsy. It was very nice and cozy and I talked with many people that were all curious what I am doing in Japan and if I like it here. After the BBQ we had the awards for the winning team and presents for the women and the children! The exchange students also received a present but all a different one. My present was a bottle of wine and my host mother was totally happy!

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