Spring break & sightseeing!

26 maart

Today I finally started to write my blog, I’m sorry it took such a long time, I’ve been gone here and there all the time and I was very tired. My family doesn’t speak English well and I don’t speak Japanese well so I’m constantly translating in my head.
It’s still spring break till 9 April in Japan, so I have free time. My host parents work during the week, but my okaa-san works in call force in a hospital for maternity care.

Today we (okaa-san, Miyu and me) brought Yuna to kindergarden. Miyu went to piano class and we drove and saw my school. It’s still holiday but the clubs are open. We drove along the sportsfield where a baseball club (only boys) played. I watched them and then my okaa-san asked me “Is there your boyfrendu”? She want to know everything and tell me about everything too, it’s funny because normally Japanese people are not so open. I don’t know about the other AFS students but I think I’m lucky to have young parents, because I’m allowed to say everything! And when I’m wrong they just tell me. But of course I’m still polite and helpful. Today I haven’t done so much, but somehow I’m very tired. Even driving to the kindergarden takes 20 minutes, in Holland it’s unimaginable, but in Japan it is normal. Sometimes it’s kind of scary to drive with my host parents because when they talk they don’t pay a lot attention to the road and even drive into the snowbanks (near the road) and then start to laugh. My okaa-san also gets lost all the time so I need to tell her where to go! Each time she is wrong she is shouting “Oh my god! Oh my god!” šŸ˜›

The weather changes very fast. Sometimes there is a lot of sun and very hot and then suddenly the clouds come and it feels like -10, or there is even a snowstorm. There is SO much wind.

Now I’m writing this it’s already 5.50 pm and soon my otou-san will come home and we have dinner, take a shower and go to bed!
April 1 I’m going to visit school with my okaa-san. I’m going to talk with my homeroom teacher, Miss Honda. 5 or 9 April school starts! I’m kind of nervous but I’m really looking forward!

The communication is getting better everyday, I learn a lot new words and I understand more and more Japanese, but speaking is still too hard, my sentences are Japanese words with English grammar. It’s getting better, even though I never leave my dictionary at home!

Again, I’m sorry for not updating for such a long time! I won’t update everyday, but when I want to tell something nice, I’ll try to update as soon as possible! šŸ˜€

Greetings from the cold, snowy and sunny Sapporo!

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