To Mama-chan in Minami, Sapporo

5 april

Today we had some sort of day off. I had ‘free time’ until about 15:00 when we went to see Mama-chan. Mama-chan is my Japanese grandmother, Okaa-san’s mother. Normally you call grandmother Obaa-san but Mama-chan doesn’t want that because that makes her feel so old. (She is only 59!). She lives in Sapporo but it takes an hour by car to get there.
She lives together with Okaa-san’s brother in a very sweet apartment on the sixth floor. When she opened the door she immediately said “Nicu to meetu youL”. I think she practiced all day on it, because she started talking Japanese to me. I just smiled and nodded. She said time after time that I looked so handsome, nice and cute. Okaa-san’s brother was very shy so he said… nothing. I went to Mama-chan together with Okaa-san, Miyu and Yuna. Otou-san was still at work.
At about 17:30 we had delicious dinner! Tempura (fried vegetables, potatoes and fish), sashimi (raw fish) and lots of delicious snacks.
Mama-chan spoke about their nephew, Yuu, who lived in the US for 4 years and speaks English very well. A little later she called him to ask him to come over. She didn’t tell him that I was there because she wanted to see his face when he noticed me. Mama-chan told me that he is very handsome so I was curious to meet him!
After half an hour he opened the door and wanted to say “Konbanwa” (good evening) but he stop after “Konban-”. He was surpised to see a foreigner in Mama-chan’s house. He spoke English very well, although he had to get used to it so suddenly. He told us that he hardly spoke English since he was back in Japan. And oh! He is really handsome 😛 and very nice.
Later that evening Mama-chan took a bottle of wine from the cabinet and asked if I liked some wine too. I think because she thought I was already 22 or so. First I politely said no, but she insisted that I would take some. It was nice but Okaa-san was very much afraid that AFS would send me away and that I would become drunk, yes of course of three little nip’s. So that is actually a little “secret”!
Everybody thinks that I am at least 20 years old and that I am on University. When I explain that I am on high school they get a little heart attack. I am glad that they don’t treat me as a high school student , because they treat them usually a little childish. On school I have to live with that!

We drove home and took Mama-chan and Yuu with us. We dropped Yuu at his home and Mama-chan came with us to Ainosato, because tomorrow was Yuna’s day! Tomorrow is her first schoolday and that is celebrated in Japan with an official ceremony. Mama-chan will help Okaa-san to get dressed in her Kimono! She asked if I would like to wear Okaa-san’s kimono! Of course I couldn’t say no to that, because I am so fond of traditional dresses and culture!

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