(Second) first real school day!

11 april

Today was my first real day at school and it was TOP! I woke up at 6 O’clock and prepared for school. Okaa-san had finished my Obento (lunch) 1 minute before I left because our rice cooker is a little broken. Therefore we didn’t know exactly how long it took to be ready. I got my train just in time!

On my way to school I met a lot of other students from my school. I never expected them to be so friendly but they all said hello or waved at me! They are so friendly.

My classroom is about the last one on the fourth floor. On my way there I met Rachel and we walked together to the classroom. All class mates stared at me and yelled “Kawaii”, (cute).

Class started at 8:40. The first 15 and the last 5 minutes of every day are always with the homeroom teacher. She then encourages everyone to do your best and she checks the home work.

In the morning we all had to go to the gym again and had to stand lined up class by class, boys separate from the girls. It started as one big chaos but in about 10 minutes we were exactly in lines. It was really boring, they spoke about doing your best and such (I understood that later). I couldn’t understand it.

There was a boy from another class, very brave, that introduced himself to me and is waving to me every time I see him in school. In the gym all the boys have to line up next to the girls, one line per class. On the left side was ,I call him nice guy, because he looks very friendly, the one that introduces himself. On the other side was a boy from my class that waves to me all the time and tries to speak English to me each time. I think they started to quarrel about who was allowed to talk to me, and then they started calling each other GAY, GAY, GAY. Really stupid! But funny though. My school is about 2/3 boys and usually they are very shy. But because our school is ‘cool’ they talk to girls!

Back to class Rachel and I went to the first floor where we have private lessons from Tamazaki sensei. We are with some other exchange students. Tui and Jordyn have a scholarship for sports and they will stay here for three years. My school is one of the best in sports of Hokkaido, They have won many cups and even became country champion!

Tui and Jordyn play rugby. Dugun is the other guy with a scholarship. He is from Kenia and is long distance runner. Rachel and Celeste (who is on holiday this week) are exchange students like me. Dugun and I arrived last month and Rachel and Celeste will be here for only a few weeks/month.

After one hour Yamazaki sensei arrived for an hour of private lessons Japanese. She started with simple greetings that I already knew. I do already know the two simple Japanese writings, Hiragana and Katakana. Yamazaki sensei had not expected that so there was actually not much that I could start with. Yamazaki sensei is very friendly and she speaks English very well!

After Japanese class we went back to class 2f to have lunch and to have English from my mentor. We had to tell them our name and hobbies. I was first! Then they all started to talk to me instead of to the rest of the class. Some of them I could not understand because their English is horrible. Others were very outrageous and assured me I had to remember their names or otherwise…. The students in my class are VERY nice. The talk to me and are waving! Very nice, even more because Rachel told they would ignore me the first time. I am very happy and they are so kind!

After class I went with Rachel to the tea ceremony club (sadobu). In Japan many students attend clubs after school. In the clubs the first, second and third year students are mixed that makes you get to know a lot of people. There are many clubs. I do not know yet what to choose, therefore I attended the tea ceremony today.

The tea ceremony was in a special room with tatami mats were you don’t wear shoes. The teacher was a very friendly women wearing a Kimono. She is a professional tea ceremony sensei. I do not know the official name.

I looked carefully what they were doing. We had to sit down lined up. Rachel and another girl prepared the tea. We also had two cookies and looked how they made our green tea. The tea was very hot, and everything I did was wrong, but that was ok since this was my first time. They all took time to explain everything. The club started at 4 O’clock and is finished at 7 O’clock, but I left at 17:30 for home since I have to travel a long distance.

I also made a picture with the tea sensei. She is the principals wife! So now I have a picture with the principal and with the principals wife! How great!

At the station there were quite some Yamanote students and they all said hello or waved. Two boys from my school took the same train I did. Because my Japanese is not that good yet I could only ask their year and say hello. There is also a boy that lives in Ainosato!

I like it very much on school and it is nice to meet people of my age.

Tomorrow I have to speech for the entire school. I am not that nervous like last Monday, I thought my speech on Monday was for the entire schools but then it was only for the teachers, and they all said my speech was very good. That makes me more confident.

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