Visiting Ninja park, the Golden week

3 mei

Today we visited Noboribetsu. It’s a kind of fun park with all kind of traditional Japanese things like temples, Ninja’s and Geisha’s

Okaa-san also invited Tyler and Sumire, Sato-san’s youngest daughter to join us, so we had a nice group.

Unfortunately the weather was not that good, in the morning it was foggy but luckily it was not raining but in the afternoon it started raining heavily. Despite the weather we had a great day and had a lot of fun!

The park is not very big. There are several theaters one in the open air and it was more like a fairytale forest where you find game halls and a kind of maze. There were many figurants like Ninja’s, Geisha’s and many other traditional dressed actors that also have a role in the theater shows.

The shows were very funny to watch although Tyler and I did not understand what it was all about. Theater often is a very universal ‘language’. We attended a show about some kind of alien creature (a kind of cat), Ninja shows both inside and outside and a Geisha show. We made a lot of pictures, played games in a game hall and walked through some kind of Ninja houses were the floors are tilted and walls are doors and these kind of thing! You get desorientated.

Despite it is a touristic park, everyone was very surprised to see two foreigners. The figurants were dressed in historic costumes from  ancient Japan and could speak English a little. They were surprised when I told them I am from Holland. But they found it very cool.

At the start of the Geisha show Tyler was asked on stage. They asked him his name, were he was from, and they took him backstage. When the show started he was dressed as an ancient japanese! It was really funny, he was dressed so funny. Tyler felt pretty embarrassed because he did not like it when we were laughing at him about his outfit.

We also attended two Ninja shows, one in a theater and one in the open air. I will post a film I made soon. I have to admit the actors were pretty good! The show was spectacular!

The open air Ninja show had a short Ninja lesson for the kids. As you can see on the pictures Miyu and Yuna seriously wanted to join the lessons!

AND….  We had delicious DANGO!!!!

There not much more to say, you better have a look at the pictures!

Pictures of the park

Pictures of the ninja shows

Pictures of the geisha show

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