Sisters sports festival, Undoukai

27 mei

Today my sisters had a school sports festival, undoukai in Japanese. It would actually be yesterday but it was postponed because of three rain drops. The grandparents from Otou-san’s side stayed here the weekend to attend the festival.

Everyone woke up at 5 O’clock, I did not understood why, because we had to leave at 8:30.

We had a nice breakfast and left for school. The school here is only a one minute walk! Otou-san went to school at 4 O’clock to get a nice place. Everyone brought pillows and mats. We were at the third row.

They started with the school song and several speeches of teachers and the principal. The children were divided in two groups: red and white. They played all kind of sports games like running, dancing, throwing balls in a net, building human pyramids, a kind of sumo and a relay.

Today was warm and cold. Warm because of the sun and cold because of strong wind. It was very nice and cozy, many parents came to watch and the organization was perfect! Holland can learn a lot of the Japanese system.

About 12:30 we had lunch. Okaa-san and Obaa-san (grandmother) prepared a huge obentou (lunchbox). All the families had that and it was very nice! I had squid tentacles, which I was not sure of, but I thought it was squid. It tasted really good! I also had a lot of fruit. Fruit is really expensive in Japan, really expensive.

The sports festival finished at 14:00 and we went back home. I am currently writing my blog and rest a little. I am pretty tired but fortunately I have a special roster next week because of the midterm exams. That caused a lot of stress last week, except for the tennis team that continued their training.

I am pretty well. Except that I have some struggles with my host family and I am missing home a little. I am not homesick but it’s the small things I am missing. Luckily I am not the only one and it will turn well again.

It was a relaxing weekend, tomorrow school again were I am busy and have distraction again J

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