What happened and whats going to happen

1 juni

It was a weird week. I wrote before that I am not going well along with Yuna, my youngest sister, and my host parents are very busy. I discussed this quite often with Okaa-san.

But since I didn’t want to be home early anymore I escaped the situation by going to the tennis club. It was not a big problem for me, but I was not happy with the situation.

Last week Okaa-san noticed that I was a little sad and decided to contact AFS to discuss the situation. Because Okaa-san wants me to have a nice exchange year they decided that it is better for me to go to another family.

I will first go to an AFS volunteer for two weeks and from there I will go to another family. I was not involved in this plan and today I heard I will leave next Sunday already. The children are not informed yet.

I feel actually relieved and I am positively looking forward to what the future will bring since the current situation caused me a lot of stress.

Since I am leaving next Sunday and I am not sure if I have the ability to go on the internet it might take a while for writing on my blog again.

I understood more AFS students are currently changing host family. It is of course not that easy for the host parents to have an exchange student entering their daily life and it’s neither easy for an exchange student to adapt to the new situation and not only because of the language problems. I personally think there is nobody to blame and I am very grateful the family gave me the opportunity.

The good thing is that I am very happy with my school and that’s where I spend most of the time so that’s good 😀

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