At the LP’s place

6 juni

It feels like I haven’t been writing for ages. Because everything has changed now I am a little confused.

Last Sunday I left my host family. 10 O’clock my LP picked me up and everything went very fast. I loaded my stuff in the car we we said goodbye. It went so fast, that was really strange.

After one hour we arrived at Tanaka-san’s place. We discussed what happened and what went wrong and why I was not happy there. Tanaka-san was surprised I spent so much time at the tennis club and told me that when your host parents don’t like that they can stop you from going there. That shocked me but fortunately thats not the case.

When my LP left I was really relieved. Tanaka-san is really nice and speaks English very well. Later she told me that I am a perfect example of an exchange student. It appears to me that she expected another kind of exchange student from what my LP had told her. Tanaka-san told me she understood that it is not easy for me to go along with little children because of the age difference and that it is not easy for young host parents to suddenly have a high school student.

I feel much more relaxed now and don’t feel that I have to prove myself all the time and being watched by the children anymore.

Tanaka-san lives in a big house, is married and has two children that left the house already. They have two SUPER cute dogs! I really missed pets! For those that saw the movie “Hatchiko”, these dogs are mini versions of Hachiko.

The house is very big. The grand parents lived here too but they all passed away. Now the place is a sort of shelter for exchange students. When I arrived there was a girl from Portugal who is in Japan since July. She now also lives with an LP for the rest of here year because she also had problems with young children. I am luckily not unique in that!

I stay here until June 16, than I will go to another LP’s place who lives nearby my school, Yamanote. Appearantly I can then walk to school! That is very nice because I can join the tennis club during the summer without having to pay a small fortune for the train since AFS only pays for public transport on school days.

When we go along well I can stay there for the rest of the year and otherwise they will try to find a host family nearby school.

I agreed with Tanaka-san I won’t be very active on the internet because AFS don’t likes that.

AND!!! I saw a partial lunar eclipse! The picture is not that good but it was very nice! A couple of weeks ago there was a partial sun eclipse that I missed because nobody told me 🙁


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