100 days in Japan!

29 juni

Time flies when you are having fun. It’s been 100 days since I’m in Japan! Time to look back to the past months. 100 days ago I went to Japan with the knowledge of the first 10 pages of a Japanese language ‘How & what’ booklet. Learning a new language is not easy, but after 100 days I can have a nice conversation in Japanese! Every day I learn Japanese in class and I get private lessons 7 times a week! I feel that I am getting better, that makes me even more perseverant.

Now I’m in my third host family. It’s not that I’m a problem child, but it was simply a mismatch with the first family. And of course it is not easy to match stranger like I am with a family. I’m don’t see as a failure. With Tanaka-san, I could get at rest. Now I am in the third family and I’m so happy here that I do not want to leave anymore. But AFS has already arranged a permanent family for the rest of the year for which I am happy they want to take care of me. I now have seen different lifestyles and families and I think that were good learning moments. I also feel that I am stronger than at the beginning of my exchange. I feel confident of myself and I am not giving up!

School is still fun! Yes, school is perfect! It can’t be better! I do not really remember the first few weeks, everything went so fast and everything was so new so it overwhelmed me. Now It feels like I am on this school already for years! I feel very much at home at school and everyone is very nice! Now I can finally remember the names! (with the faces, that’s handy 🙂 And I also joined some girls with whom I have lunch or take me out!

When I think back to the time I asked the tennis group if I could join them I often think that it was an idiot move! I only knew 10 wordt Japanese and these were only boys! Now I am a 100% member of the club and they expect that I attend the training daily. It is still very nice and especially because I now also speak some Japanese, I can chat with them. Even though not everyone is always nice to me because sometimes my  playing skills are perhaps a bit boring, but I will do my very best and just keep on going!

The last weeks I did have a lot of fun with Erika, she is from Denmark. We are really close friends. We share everything and there is no day without a message from Erika about how cute the guys are she saw in the train! She is like a sister to me, maybe because we experience the same things and we support each other  when we have a less day! We already decided to visit each other in Denmark / Netherlands!

I think most of you also wonder if I’m not homesick now and then. I feel no need to go home. I don’t miss you! : P No, just kidding, of course I miss you, but actually I hardly have time to miss you! Until now I had two moments where I felt really sad and really wanted to go home for a short moment.
But I tell you, it’s not that easy to be away from home for such a long time.
Fortunately I feel very confident and happy and I not stressed anymore. I am still very tired, but I think I keep that for the rest of the year. Each day takes so much energy! I cannot describe how tired I sometimes am. But I found a solution! Well .. a sort of solution, it is more like an emergency solution to prevent collapsing after school. The 6th hour at school is really the hardest  of the day, I can barely keep my eyes open and I do not know what it is, but I just fall asleep. Fortunately, teachers have little sympathy for me so that’s a bonus.

What else can I say, time flies really fast here, it is already July and I still have a 8 months to go! But I’m still counting the days that I am here, not the days until my return!  I live here no more than a week ahead, I should do that at home too!

Everyone still thanks for all the nice comments! Really like to read them! : D

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