Test week, Zoo and ski-jump

29 juni

Ohh I have such a lot to tell you! Lately I have been so busy with anything and everything!

27, 28 and 29 June, we had a test week! I only had tests on Thursday, Japanese, 12 chapters (grammar, kanji, vocabulary, etc). I planned to study thoroughly, but .. that failed a little! The test went very good anyway, because I always practice a lot in my workbooks. I had 86 out of 100 so I got a 8.6!

Thursday after school I went with Okaa-san to the zoo in Maruyama! I was home already at 12:30 but we went at 15:30 because it was too hot in the middle of the day! It is around 26 degrees and sometimes even 31! Summers in Sapporo are hot and the winters are very very cold. It is like having Spain and Austria in one!

The zoo was near my school and home, and very close to the park where I went to see Sakura! It was a very cute and small zoo, but they still had quite a lot of animals! We saw bears, monkeys, wolves, seals, tigers, giraffes, you name it I have seen it!

After the zoo we went for a ride. We went to the ski jump! The one of the ’72 Olympics. I just thought I could make pictures at the parking lot where we stopped, which was already quite in the mountains with beautiful views of Sapporo! But we went to the ski jump! First we visited the the Winter Sports Museum (Yes Hans and Djordy! A ski museum! Definitely worth to visit it once)

They had many pictures, clothing and ski equipment from the ’72 Olympics and they had all kind of simulators. There was a ski simulator, a skiing, skating, ice hockey simulator and you name it! It was very quiet! We were quite late, but it was really funny to see everything!

I thought we would go home when we suddenly ran to the lift next to the ski jump! At the top we had a great, really huge beautiful view of Sapporo. The pictures are beautiful, but in reality it is much better!

It must be very scary for those ski athletes to jump off, with the city so near! Not that the ski jumpers are thinking, “Well hey, look at that city!”

In the evening we picked up Sumire and we went for a Curry Soup! I choose level 1 (spicy) of which I thought I could handle! It turned out to be quite a bit too spicy! But it was very tasty!

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