School, school trip and making butter

24 augustus

Everything has an end and so has my summer holiday. Tuesday we had to clean up our class room. I thought they made a joke since we did that right before the summer holiday, Not!
The principal and teachers gave a pep talk that we have do to our best and such. It took ages! Some people fainted since it was so hot in the gym. Next we sang the school song to be sure we did not forget it and last but least, the uniform check that also took a very long time. Girl were checked on length of the skirt, piercings, hair paint and nail length. Boys were checked on hair length, hair paint, nail length (Boys that do not play sports often have ver long nail!!) and piercings. With 1000 students that all takes a while.

Dillen, a former Rotary student at Yamanote, also came by. I was with Honda-san when he knocked at the door. I introduced myself and he said we met before. It took me 5 minutes to remember where we met before, but I met him in a shopping center! We had no lessons but we walked around the school to look for the teachers. Everyone was shocked that I walked through school with Dillen and they all asked if he was my boyfriend. Luckily Kanji did not see and I did not have to explain! 😛

Dillen will help the English speaking club. He lives only 5 minutes from school with his former host family and is looking for a job in Sapporo!

Wednesday and Thursday we had lessons, but not very serious. Friday we had a school journey! The first years went for a walk in the field somewhere outside Sapporo. The second year students went for making butter and milk products and the third years… the third years went to a fun park!

When I arrived at school there were 10 buses for the second year students. strong>10 BUSES!!. Each class had its own bus and we had to drive for one and a half. I am not a morning person so I took a nap in the bus. Unfortunately that did not went well since the girl next to me kept asking questions. Fortunately she was very kind.

We went to the countryside where we were dropped 5 km from our destination to walk the last part. We were wearing our school uniforms because that was better. When I found out the buses took the same road as we did I was a little bit upset. It was quite stuffy and boring. On arrival we had to line up per class, just like in the gym on Wednesday when we have our mentor hour. Next we had to do things together with two classes. I started with making butter, but only after we had our lunch! That was nice because you could sit with anyone you like.

So, after lunch we started making butter. First we had to shake milk for 20 minutes. Luckily the boys assisted the girls and that speeded up everything. After shaking the milk turned into butter. We had to separate the butter from the milk and clean the butter with water. Next we had to press the water out of the butter. When we were finished the butter was shared amongst us for taking it home.
Next we went home with the bus. This time I could sleep!

That evening I saw Kanji and he told me HOW MUCH FUN THE FUN PARK WAS! And I told him how much fun it is to make butter. He wished he could have joined me! 😉

School was easy although I was a little nervous before hand since I was now the single exchange student in the class, but it was ok!

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