One week with my new family!

2 oktober

I am now a little over a week in my new host family and I feel really fine! Traveling to school was very exhausting so I went to bed early every day. Also getting acquainted to the new rules and family take some energy, but I feel totally happy!

The bus however… Monday I came home pretty late and I took the bus home. It was dark already and I did not recognize anything so I left the bus where I thought I had to be and then I panicked because I thought I was at the wrong place. I called my host father and he came to pick me up. Apparently I was on the right place but since the bus does not pass our place I thought I was wrong.

Tuesday I went home early and I took the bus again. This time I was on the wrong bus stop, at least not near my place. I asked the bus driver were I had to walk and he pointed into a direction. I walked for a while and went crazy. Finally I asked a women if she knew my address. She told me the place was pretty near and she would get me a map. She asked what I was doing there and if I was new in the neighborhood. When I answered positive she said she would bring me because it was nearby. I was happy with the nice women until she dropped me at a park and thought that I would now where I was. I thanked her and went into just a direction. I was lucky to have my dad (in Holland) on Whatsapp and he had the brilliant idea to use Google maps to find my place. I finally walked for 45 minutes before I arrived at home. When I told the story my host dad said that I should have called him! That was no problem at all! But since I was also lost the day before I wanted to find out myself.

This week I started my second study book Japanese. I am going quickly now because I want to go for a certain level exam in December. I do have exactly two month from now but I am sure I can make it! I feel confident!

Wednesday (09.26) was Nori’s birthday and I wanted to buy something nice, but it was pretty hard to find something appropriate. Shoe bought flowers already and gave them the day before so that was no good idea. Nori had told me that the family is very font of Mister Donuts, so I bought a lot of Donuts! And there was a special offer so I had a lot!

At night we sang and eat French, all kind of snacks from a big plate. Very cozy! Next we had a very nice pie! And we made pictures!

I am also very good friends with my host sister Keito. She is so sweet and calls me from the first moment big sister! Fortunately she is not a morning person and does not play piano at 6 in the morning. At night she is quite busy but in a nice way.

She wants to share everything with me and when I don’t know something in Japanese she explains it to me thoroughly. We also made homework together and played games.

This weekend I appointed with Kanji. It has been a while ago. Kanji was busy playing rugby. Recently he went to the opposite site of Hokkaido for playing some matches.
At the moment he is in Osaka and then will go to Gifu (Look it up in Google maps ;).

I am very happy with this family so I don’t have to feel alone and feel home and comfortable and do my thing.
We went to the movies and first wanted to go to a Japanese spoken movie (with the original in English) so I would miss half of the texts. Kanji also wanted to see another movie so we went for that one. The movie was called ‘Prometheus’ and was the most non romantic movie that was available. It was about aliens and it was pretty awkward and bad for the stomach, I finally hide for most of the movie behind Kanji’s back. He thought it was a cool movie and said I was so cute. I could not appreciate it that moment because I have nightmares quite easy. We agreed that I would call him if that would happen.

I was nice after all. It is sad however that I don’t see him often but let’s say this is a good practice for when I go back to Holland.

Furthermore Nori and her best friend, who is Japanese but lives in Australia and currently visiting Japan, had a birthday party, a sort of pizza party to be honest. It was at a friend’s place very remote in the mountains and very beautiful! It was in the middle of the forest. The owner has there a small restaurant with his own stone oven to make pizza’s. He goes to Spain and Italy each year to learn new people and for new ideas for new dishes. The pizza’s were lovely, just like real Italian pizza’s! There were also other friends of Nori and her sister who is attending a beauty contest in Japan for 35 years and older. She is currently ranked sixth. We had a lot of fun and laughter and the owner was a little bit tipsy and he told me in half English half Japanese about the time he went to Holland. After 6 month I discovered how simple we are. We have bread in the morning with the same on it every day and the same for lunch. In Japan we eat bread, rice, soup, almost everything because they don’t like to eat the same always.

Unfortunately I did not feel well and later that night I got fever and my ears hurt a lot. I went to bed early and we went to the doctor to check if it was nothing serious. The doctor checked my nose and looked with a stick in my throat that almost caused me vomiting. He also checked my ears and found everything ok. Then he made an x-ray of my head and that revealed I had problems with my sinus. I am not such a hero in a hospital and suddenly almost fainted. I think it was because I was worried, tired and had fever. I have survived and have to rest a lot so I can get stronger.

They gave me an overdose of medicine, really a lot! You never get that much in Holland. There were also big capsules and I find it very hard to swallow them but you can open them and have the content with water. Not tasteful but better than swallowing these big capsules. I have to take these medicines three times a day, I am like a drugs addict.

I also experienced my third earthquake! This morning an alarm sounded that an earthquake was expected, and it came! Fortunately it was not heavy although you could feel it clearly and the lamp was swinging! I thought I experienced an earthquake yesterday too but Nori said it was probably due to the fever. Shoe told me there was a small one!

Today I am seeing Kanji for two month! Yeaah! But he is in Osaka and I am in my bed. But we will make it up later. Tomorrow there will be only four month left. Time flies!
And ATTENTION!!!!, please don’t remember me how many days I have left because then I will ignore you! I don’t want to be reminded! 😉

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