Host family!

28 februari

Finally I heard something about my host family. It took a long time but as they said `It’s goanna be alright`

This morning I was called from class by the feared man that handles the absences. I just told a class mate “I hope It’s not for me!” .. “Michelle!”

Walking down the door I started thinking of anything I could have done wrong until he told me my mother had called. First I thought it was something serious .. but fortunately that was not the case. He asked me to call my mother. “eh..something about Japan?!”.  You can’t imagine how fast I was on the phone. YES! I finally had my host family 😀

I checked my e-mail immediately. It wasn’t that much but at least the most important things. Family, school and place.

I am going to live which my guest parents, guest sister (18) and grandmother in Chiba. (see map). I also have a guest brother (22) but he doesn’t live at home anymore. Its normal that grand parents live with their family. I do not have much experience with older people but I am sure I will do fine. I hope.. 😛

I will go to Chiba Meitoke High School, 😀 It’s a private schools with.. a uniform (hah.. dream come true *o*)

Soon  I will get more info. This is all I know for now but when I know more I will let you know.

Last week I have been to Austria with my parents and brother. Nice weather & good skiing. 🙂

Wednesday will be my last schoolday and then for four days with my uncle, aunt and cousin to Spain. And after that it’s getting really exciting!

Let’s count down! 😀

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