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Dormitory Meiji University has been decided

4 februari

In about three days I’ll go to Japan and I’m very busy this week! But it’s mainly filled with enjoying quality time with my family and friends. Even though I have experienced living abroad in Japan for one year, this time … Lees verder

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Officially accepted!

20 januari

I would like to announce that I’m officially accepted as exchange student at Meiji University! The acceptance letter (入学許可書) is actually just a formality, because I was ‘unofficially’ accepted already. Anyway, I don’t have to much to tell except that I’ll go Japan … Lees verder

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Schiphol, Hong Kong, Narita!

20 maart

20-03-2012 Today has finally come! Amber and I are going to JAPAN! My parents, brother and my best friend Nora went to Amsterdam airport. Amber already arrived and Koen, the AFS Program Manager, welcomed us. We had some time to … Lees verder

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More about my host family

12 maart

Today I received an email with additional information about my (temporary) host family! Unfortunately I can not place pictures for privacy reasons, maybe I can do that later when I am there and ask their permission! I have a father, … Lees verder

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TB test & Visa

8 maart

Today my mother and I went to Dordrecht for a Tuberculosis test. Japanese schools require exchange students to take the test. What it means, is a really good question, but let’s hope when I go back on Monday they’ll tell … Lees verder

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Host family, Location & School

27 februari

On holiday in Austria I finally received an email from AFS with my placement data. It took a long time but that was expected. You’ll probably wonder why I’m not going to my first family in Chiba, but thats because … Lees verder

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