Earthquake [Update]

11 maart

This morning I heard from my mother that there is a severe earthquake in Japan that caused a huge tsunami. D: For those people that live under a rock:

AMSTERDAM – Friday (Dutch time)  the Northeast of Japan has been hit by a powerful earthquake with a magnitude of 8.8 on the Richter scale. The quake was followed by dozens of aftershocks of at least 5.0. The earthquakes cause a tsunami.

I’ve just been in touch with the YFU who say Tokyo is safe and we basically go. I also had contact with people from the city where I’m going to stay and the say that the situation is still good.

I hope I get an email from my host family about their situation.

Many people are calling us and want to know if I am still going and how it is. Until know I know we are still going and that there is nothing to worry about. So just wait and see.


We are probably leaving Wednesday or Thursday. YFU first want to contact with the host families and the whole situation. Wednesday I hope we really can go!

There was also an earthquake on the west coast of Japan (in Nagano) was. Fortunately I have a lot of contacts in Japan. They say help forces are now starting, and that troops from America, South Korea and other countries are going to the disaster area.

I also had contact with my host family! Through I found a friend of my host sister. She said it goes well with them. I was so relieved when I heard it. Few minutes ago I received a mail from my host sister and she says they are doing well but that they have no water.

Now wait and see what YFU says and when we leave.

Photos by Kana!
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