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15 maart

For those who do not know yet: I’m not in Japan at the moment.

As you know it’s a great disaster in Japan. First an earthquake and a devastating tsunami that caused major problems with nuclear power plants.

My departure has been postponed until 23/24/25 March, but I need a miracle if I want to go there. Or even leaving this year.

An increased radioactivity is already measured in Tokyo and Nagoya even a girlfriend (which is between Osaka and Tokyo) is afraid that radioactivity will be in the air.

Yesterday I received an e-mail from my family. They are doing well with them but they have every 3 hours they have no electricity and no running water. When she told her brother is in Sendai (the affected area) I was in deep shock, fortunately they have had contact with him and he will come home as soon as possible.

I’m really .. very sad about what happened and that I might not be going and everything .. It’s like my dream became a nightmare.

I have been on this for so long to realize this and my last week’s  / months have been really stressful.  I already started to say goodbye to several people I started focusing on my new life.

Soon I will go back to school .. though I have no idea how I am going to pick up or even do well .. Anyway .. we will see how everything evolves and see what is best.

At the moment I’m really emotionally devastated and it is really .. that difficult.

But yes .. I will now have to see what the YFU will say and whether it continues .. or not .. I have no idea .. It will take a while ..

I at least me and my parents hope it would be alright. But at the moment, as it stands now my hope is really very small now ..

My farewell party Saturday was fun, though probably there is no goodbye anymore but I still want to thank everyone ..

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