Japan exchange, second attempt

5 december

Hi everyone!

It has been a long time since I wrote here! I will do my best to explain what I’ve been doing lately and am going to do.

First of all: Michelle goes to Japan in 2012 with AFS


As I wrote earlier, I switched from exchange organization. Last year I would go with the YFU but after the disaster it was impossible to postpone the exchange to 2012 because I would be too old. We then joined exchange AFS.

Together with my parents we discussed with AFS what happened and they did their best to  get a place for me in Japan. Today I heard AFS Japan accepted me!
Now I have to do some more paperwork and finally get a visa. I am looking forward to hear about my school and second/new family!
I am really happy I can join the AFS exchange program and that they gave me the chance to go  to Japan as exchange student.

First of all I would go together with Zie (the other girl that should go with YFU to Japan), but she decided to finish her HAVO study first and then go later. This time another dutch girl, Amber, will go to Japan too. I like it that she joins me on our trip. I think its good to have someone to share your stories and it fun too!

I did not hear from Daniel for a long time. He did go with YFU in April. I suppose everything will be fine 😛

Host family

Right now I do not know my host family yet probably because not all paperwork is done yet. I am looking forward to my host family and school.
Unfortunately I can not go to the same host family as last year since they where recruited by the YFU, but I still have nice contact with my ‘ex’ host sister. They are doing well and when I am in their neighborhood I will certainly visit them.


Currently I am in the final year of the HAVO. I lot of people think I am nuts to leave during my final year because of the exams. I will do best to finish the HAVO when I return from Japan. Where there’s a will, ther’s a way!
I am working hard to finish as much school work as possible and prepare for the January exams.
I will spent the Christmas holidays in Austria with my parents 😀

When I have more info I will let you know!
with regards,


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2 reacties op Japan exchange, second attempt

  1. pocky schreef:

    hiii i woul like to know if it’s expensive going to japan as an exchange student of AFS?

    • Michelle schreef:

      Hello! It is quite expensive, but it depends whether you go a year of half year.
      You can read more about it here (Insurance and that kind of things are all included) ^^

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