Oriëntatie in Tokyo

22 maart

Today, thursday, we received a lot of information about what to do and not to do, rules etc.. The AFS volunteers, Marina and Machiko, were very nice! They were the sensei (teacher) of our group with people from Germany, Tsjechie and the USA. We played some ice break games and met a lot new people! (Thailand, Korea, Indonesie)

In the evening, the last orientation day in Tokyo, we had a talent show, but since I don’t have that many talents I only watched. There were many people from same countries. It was funny to watch. The AFS volunteers also prepared a Japanese dance and demonstarted it for us. They also showed us how to make up our beds, this edge over that one and when you did it wrong you had to start all over. A bit boring, they really thinks we came out of an egg!

It was nice and cozy and I met a lot new people! Our Tokyo chapter was about 70 people. Marina and Machiko even cried when we were leaving, I also received a very nice letter and a sort of diploma?! :D

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