In Ainosato

27 maart

Today my okaa-sa went to work and Miyu and I stayed at home. Yuna went to kindergarden en my otou-san went for work at 8 O’clock. I wake up early AGAIN, I don’t know how much longer I can stand this haha.
This morning Miyu and me went to the stores in Ainosato, in my neighborhood, to buy some candy. Miyo was lost all the time, but each time I asked “Daijoubu?” (Is it OK?/Are you OK?) she said ‘yes’ each time, but she appeared to me pretty desperate and didn’t know the way to the shopping center. Finally it took 30 minutes where it normally takes 10 minutes. Walking back home was a lot quicker. It was the shopping center that I have seen in Google maps when I was still at home, its funny to recognize it. The pictures are from my neighborhood and the shopping center. It is not big but it is funny and there is a Mac. (I have not been there yet)

As I wrote before my host family and the host family of the American boy, Tyler, are close friends and okaa-san said that we are always welcome in their home. De family name is Satou-san (they use ‘san’ for formal family names) and they have four children of 5,7,9 and 13 years old.

Because they are friends of Miyu we went to Satou-san at about 11 O’clock. Their home is really big. The living room, playing room and kitchen are Japanese style. That means sitting on the floor. They have a lot of books and toys. I thought Miyu and Yuna were noisy but they run and jump all the time. They even have a SWING in their home. A SWING?
Satou-san, the mother, is very nice! She speaks less English than my okaa-san but she is so nice! Tyler came down stairs and we played games like UNO. They like to play board games very much.

Perhaps you think its not a good idea to go around with another AFS student, but together we learn Japanese and can exchange ideas. Tyler is not going to the same school.

In the afternoon Miyu and I went back home and we had lunch. Yesterday we had bread and toast bread. It tasted very well!! Okaa-san asked me what I have on my bread in Holland. Well try to explain that you eat chocolate on your bread (Nutella/Duo Penotti), but she understood me and they sell it here too!, well in some sort of tube. They don’t know cheese or slices of meet, but we had strawberry jam. The chocolate was very nice, but it is more like chocolate mousse at home. I don’t have problems with Japanese food at all but bread is so easy to prepare.

I expect my okaa-san will teach me how to cook something, but its all Japanese and I don’t want to accidentally burn the house down.
This afternoon after I tried to update my blog photos, what failed, we went back to Satou-san’s home. It was about 15:30 and I was very tired since I woke up at 6:40 and I am not used to that. And busy playing with the children I really thought I would collapse.
Satou-san and Tyler were not at home but I was very happy when they arrived and Satou-san started Tom & Jerry. Japanese children are obsessed by the TV.
Satou-san and Tyler went to the shop and brought all kind of snacks. Bread with sausages inside, chocolate, sugar and nuts. About 17:30 my okaa-san came to pick up Miyu and me and thanked Satou-san for her warm care. In japan every one always express there appreciation for everything. I say ”arigatou, arigatou, arigatou” (thank you). I am not yet used to bow but I will get used to it soon!

In the evening okaa-san and I went to the Softbank store for my Japanese cell phone. (See picture). I already had it but we were unsure if using the email was free of charge. So instead of calling we went to the store. We were lost once again and it took a long time. By the way, everywhere I go people stare at me as if I am from another planet.
Apparently mailing is free of charge and so I can start mailing. Typing on the mobile is… pretty hard, both Japanese and English.
On our way back we stopped over at a Japanese beef restaurant. It was pretty good but okaa-san cooks better 😛
Sometimes I wonder why Japanese use English in their restaurants and stores. For example in the beef restaurant there was a sign ’24h No Smoking’. And you can have a hair cut in a hear shop !?

Tomorrow I will be home alone, but thats fine. Perhaps I can take a nap 😛 Everything goes very well! Its funny to see people digging in a pile of 2m of snow, pretty useless 😛

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