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Shopping with Nao!

17 september

Today I had an appointment with Nao, a girl that was on Yamanote last year. I met her at the beginning of my exchange, I went that time with a number of Rotary students and Japanese friends to Karaoke. That … Lees verder

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To the movies with Wakana

25 augustus

Saturday I went to the movies with Wakana . She is the girl I met at the Yosakoi festival. Since Fumiya is currently in Chine and Yuhei in New Zeeland I promised to go out with her so she would … Lees verder

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Surprise with Inês and Kanji

14 augustus

Inês, an AFS student from Portugal that went back home to Portgual already, came back to Sapporo. Just for one week to surprise her boyfriend! Since she was back home she worked all the time to earn money for this … Lees verder

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Bowling with Yuhei and Wakana

10 augustus

Today I went bowling together with Yuhei and Wakana. I met them via a friend of Rachael at the Yosakoi festival in June. They are both on the same university and speak English very well! I wanted to meet them … Lees verder

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Park with Kanji

9 augustus

Today I was supposed to go out for Bowling together with Yuhei and Wakana but because my host parents were expecting family I moved the appointment to tomorrow. Then they said I could do whatever I wanted and had a … Lees verder

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Last time with Rachael

8 augustus

Today I made an appointment with Rachael. She is leaving on Aug, 12 back home in the US and because I will be on holiday on 12e en 13e with my host family I can’t say goodbye on the airport. … Lees verder

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