In Ainosato 2

28 maart

Right now I am having lunch. This morning I woke up at 6 O’clock and went down stairs around 7 O’clock. Miyu and Yuna were both crying, I am not sure why. After breakfast Okaa-san and Yuna went to work / kindergarten. Otou-san went to work by train at 8 O’clock and Miyu went to after school. I brought Miyu to her school and she likes that very much. She said “You are really my big sister”, so sweet! At breakfast Otou-san told us that there has been an earthquake in Miyagi at 11 O’clock, that is near Sapporo. It had magnitude 6.0, pretty strong. But I haven’t noticed anything, happy me. I am glad that in Sapporo earthquakes are rare.

Today I am home alone and I love it. It’s very cozy when everyone is at home but I still can’t get used to the pace here. I am now updating my blog and trying to get the pictures thumbnails fixed. Then I am going to study Japanese and learn to write Kanji. And I think I am laying on bed for a while!

I am looking forward for school, so I can get into the daily rhythm, and since I have to travel a long time to school I can sleep in the train!

My Japanese is getting better day by day, though I am sometimes struggling with pronouncing the words. But the magic words are the most important! “Samui” (I am cold) “Daijoubu” (I’m OK), “Wakata” (I understand), “Ya mete” or “Dame” (Stop), “Nemuri-” (I’m tired) and “Arigatou” (thank you). I mostly use: Daijoubu and Wakata Okaa-san says then when I say these words fast after each other I sound like a Japanese haha!

Today we had tempura for dinner, that are kind of fried vegetables and potatoes, but without frying haha. It is very tasty and the potato tempura tastes a bit like fries! But then different.. 😛 Otou-san was home very early today, at 7 PM where he usually comes home at 11 PM or 12 PM. We hardly ever have dinner together. In Holland it is quite normal that you have dinner together. My Okaa-san said that when I am going to school I will be home at 8 or 9 PM and have dinner on my own, Cozyyyyyy!

Suddenly Yuna dropt something on the floor and then there was a shrimp on the floor, a small one. Okaa-san said “Ehhh, ebi??” (shrimp). It appeared that the shrimp escaped from the aquarium though a tiny little crack while I was home alone! He was completely dehydrated. Then when Okaa-san picked it up she started screaming and I started screaming as a reaction. Otou-san was only staring sadly because the shrimp was dead. I was only afraid because that are much more shrimps in the aquarium. The day before a crab tried to jump out of the aquarium. Okaa-san told me that two weeks ago a crab jumped out and therefore they put something on top of the aquarium, but anyway, Okaa-san is also a little bit afraid, so I am not the only one 😛

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