Foreign Residents registration

3 april

This week I found a piece of paper in one of my bags that I received at the airport. Stupid that I did not read it before because it was quite important! It was about my stay in Japan and had to do with the immigration procedure. I had to go to immigration in my city to confirm my stay in Sapporo. So we went for it right away! Okaa-san asked Tyler with us since he had to register as well.

I also wanted to open a bank account since this stupid RABO bank card didn’t work just like in 2010 when I was on holiday. This time I had a brand new RABO ‘World’ card that they assured me would work in Japan, but it didn’t! Unfortunately… you must be 20 years old to have your own bank account in Japan! And I am only 17 years old. So Okaa-san opened a bank account that I can use. My host parents are super helpful and want to arrange and do everything for me. Sometimes I think I am bothering too much, but then they tell not to worry!

At the immigration office it was very crowded. At the Foreign Residents Registration a man helped us immediately. Although we were at the immigration office, they were completely flabbergasted that there were to foreigners. It was a special desk for foreigners but they did not speak a single word English. I was very pleased to have Okaa-san with me. We had to fill in several kind of forms and in may we can get our ID cards.

We had lunch in Okaa-san’s favorite restaurant, and Indian restaurant. We all had naan (it’s like Turkish bread) and I had chicken curry! I never thought I liked curries (too spicy?) that much. It was very good!

The afternoon we spend a little while (3 hours 😉 at Sato-san’s place to have tee. Tyler told us that he might have to change family since he should have gone to another family. But since the mother in that other family was sick he came to Sato-san’s family. We are all worried that he has to go to that other family since the mother is not sick anymore. Therefore we started to think of all kind of reasons why he should stay with Sato-san. Okaa-san and Sato-san were even crying!, so sad. But I hope he can stay when he askes AFS.

For dinner we had a kind of omelet, a huge one! My family is fond of all kind sauces. Ketchup, soya and  even mayonnaise! (it’s rather sour, even more that the German mayonnaise). Okaa-san asked me to taste a spicy sauce and I tried a little. I went for a glass of water immediately to cool down! So spicy… beyond my imagination 😛

In a while I go to sleep. Tomorrow we maybe have to go to the consulate in Sapporo for even more registration and I will start working on my Kanji (Japanese writing)

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