Skiing in Niseko!

14 april

Today we went skiing! Yesterday Otou-san told me to get up at 6 O’clock because we were leaving at 6:30 and it is about a 2.5 hour drive to the ski resort.

I woke up on time and was completely ready at 6:30, but I was the only one because it was totally silent and no one was awake. At 7 O’clock Otou-san came down stairs,  stressed, because he overslept time and told me to hurry. But I was already ready!

Actually I woke up already at 5 O’clock because they have here about 3258947534 alarms and nobody hears them except me. That makes you tired.

At 11:30 we really started skiing on Niseko mountain! It’s a smaller area than Skiwelt in Austria  where I use to go. The ski resort is open until half may and the season start already in November. I was skiing together with Yuna, Miyu and Otou-san. Okaa-san doesn’t like skiing and had to work. Otou-san enjoyed very much that am can ski and was smiling all day. The snow was little slushy because it is getting warmer this time of the year. The ski lifts are different from Austria, less secure. One lift doesn’t even have a strap while you hang above the ground at 4 meters. They wear helmets either.

About 1 O’clock we had lunch. We bought lunch boxes in a super market. Next we went skiing again. I thought my shoes were ok but unfortunately my feet hurt a lot and I waited down the hill at a small restaurant. I hoped they would be back in half an hour but it took one and a half hour. After 15 minutes the last lift would go, I was at a parking place but I slightly panicked when I saw nobody anymore. Finally Otou-san came and told me he would pick me up here by car.

We bought some snacks for the way home. There were more foreigners on the piste. Otou-san told me the ski resort and surrounding are very popular with people from Australia and New Zealand.

On the way home I fell asleep immediately. When I woke up I thought we were is Sapporo but that was another 40 km so I went sleeping again.

When we arrived at home I went for a shower and we had dinner, at 10O’clock in the evening! After dinner I went sleeping.

Now it is Sunday and I am recovering from a busy week with a lot of new experiences. Otou-san is chopping snow in garden to make it melt faster. Yuna and Miyu are playing outside and Okaa-san is at her work, so its very quiet at home!

Next week I am going to have a normal school week and will choose a club. Because I will be home late each day I will probably write less frequently on my blog!

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