AFS Farewell Party, Canyoning & Baseball with school

2 juli

Saturday morning I went to tennis. Luckily it was only 30 degrees, and they again were changing the lines (on the tennis course) because they had used the wrong ones last time. It all went a little faster this time, thank goodness! The training was really terrible! It was very intense and it was too hot and I think I drunk more than one and a half liters in only 2 hours! Am also had a severe sun burn! Really I have seen more sun in Japan than during my entire life in the Netherlands!

I left early in the afternoon because I had an AFS Farewell Party. The three students that arrived in July 2011 soon go back home! I did not know them all so well, but I had a nice contact with Ines from Portugal! And I arranged another holiday address: D

The AFS “party” was in a super tall building and it was a little boring, there were speeches, talk, pictures and … we had for dinner an Obentou, and it was nice, but I’m not that fond of these instant lunchboxes. After the party the whole group went to take purikura!

Sunday, 1 July, I went with my host parents to a place three hours from home. We went for… canyoning! There are some things in your life that you do only once, and one of them is canyoning. And I know that when this post is translated, I know how loud Okaa-san is laughing!

On the way to the place, I forgot the name, we stopped at parking place with a restaurant. We have some very tasty hamburgers! I felt a little like if I was having lunch on a mountain in Austria, but then in summer clothes.

We bought some water and we looked around in a shop when I was astonished by this tin can, that looked like a tuna tin can. You know what was inside? BEAR! You could buy BEAR in a tin can.

We drove on and we arrived at a parking lot where 3 instructors (the guide, a woman who took the photos and the driver) were waiting for us and another couple who also went canyoning. We drove with a kind of jeep. We went a bit into the mountains and that was no problem! Until we went on a dirt road into the mountains! It was scary, I have no other words for it. I think the driver thought he was driving a racecar or something like that. We were almost launched, it was absurd! And then we did not even started with canyoning!

First we had to put on two wetsuits, we were given special anti-slip shoes, gloves, a giant life jacket and helmet. I could hardly breathe but I’m still alive! Otherwise I wouldn’t be writing here.

We had to take a walk through the woods, where I was attacked by a million flies. Then we had to get used to the water, which was pretty cold. The next two hours we were rock climbing, jumping of again, and sliding like on a rock slide! And most people know what kind of hero I am in nature .. so I screamed loud and a lot! And I must have had a scary look in my eyes, but Okaa-san was a little worried about me! No, I’m exaggerating a bit, it was pretty …. COOL! 😀 Although I was just completely exhausted!

Later we visited a flower farm! All Japanese think that the Netherlands is one big flower farm … But I had never seen something like this it to be honest!

Monday, July 2nd, we went with the whole school to watch baseball! Our school was playing the finale. I had never seen a baseball team and it was very funny with everyone! The game was a little boring, not much happened. Eventually they lost with 0-1!

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