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22 juli

Where was I! It has been quite a while since I wrote. Time flies overhere! It is outragious, before you known I will be back home again!

Meanwhile I am in my fourth family, or better, my second host family. The previous families were temporary AFS families. I am here now about a week and it is different from the from the previous family where I felt so well! This family are nice people but I have to get used and adapt to this family.

We live in an apartment at ground level. School is about 7 minutes by bicycle. They have a dog, chi hua hua, that does not seem to like me. But he doesn’t like anyone and I seem to go pretty good along with him! When everything goes well I can stay here till the end of my exchange.

Now its time for an announcement… a lot of you perhaps already know but I will make it official: I have a (Japanese) boyfriend! I just happened J

His name is Kanji and is on the same school in the third class. He is a rugby player and is BIG.
He is good friends with Jordyn, an exchange student from Australia, and Celeste ( the girl that went home in may) already tried to arrange something between us. Later when I started talking with Ines  (a girl from Portugal that also went home, on july 14) she told me how great it would be when I started dating with him. She was not on my school but her friend is a close friend of Kanji.

Since I use a Japanese version of whatsapp (chats by phone) I started messaging with Kanji. We then chatted endlessly and he asked if we could meet outside school. My first was, I don’t speak Japanese that good but I finally made an appointment. Because I just changed family I did not knew that much places around school and I choose a supermarket near school. He was not that happy with it because he was afraid we would run into someone from school. That we walked to a park and talked a little and that was it! He walked me home, and yes… no kissing, welcome to Japan!

After that we met several times and went to Sapporo and hang around Yamanote.

July 2, when he walked me home he asked me to wait and he told me he likes me very much, he was SO NERVOUS! Then he asked if we could be a couple. I answered with yes, although I was very shy. To my surprise communication went very well ! He knows ten English words so yes, we speak Japanese!

On Juli 6 I went to Odori with him were we left much too late so I was home much too late. First I told my family 7 O’clock, then 8 O’clock, but it was finally 8:40… I asked him if he would come with me to explain it to my family. Just one corner from my home he said he needed power to do so and he kissed me! Then he went fast to my house when suddenly Okaasan came out of the door. I started to apologize in my best Japanese. Then Kanji explained what happened and excused himself.  Okaasan was overwhelmed and seemed very angry!  When Kanji left Okaasan took me by the arm and asked : “Do you have a boyfriend!?!?”. Then we went out for dinner and Okaasan and Sumire were very happy and liked it very much!

On Juli 14 I wnet with Emma, an AFS exchange student, to the Ritsumeikan school festival. There are a number of AFS students and it is a very nice school and expected a lot of the festival but unfortunately it was a little bit disappointing. We stayed quite a while anyway and then went to Odori. It was summer sale so I bought new shoes and a dress! VERY NICE :D.  Next we went for Purikura, of course.

On July 15 I went together with Kanji to Nishiko school festival (西高校). It is only a three minutes walk from our school. It’s a school for smart ashes! Yamanote, my school, is the opposite but our school is best in sports that keeps us balanced! It was very busy and we didn’t what we would like to do. After that we went to Odori and took a very lovely picture next to a heart in flowers wearing my now dress!

On July 16 we had an AFS event. We went to a dual language Kyogen theater show. There were three actors dressed Japanese of whom two spoke Japanese and one spoke English. In this kind of acts one repeats the other such that everyone understands it.

It was a kind of cabaret, but Japanese humor is somewhat different from what we know. I actually did not laugh at all and because I was very tired I almost fell asleep until Erika started laughing about me and we couldn’t stop laughing anymore.

After this theater show we went together for Purikura! Well, the AFS girls! This is likely the last time because Marina will go home soon. She has problems with her host family and AFS does not allow her to change and therefore she wants to go back to America. Don’t ask me why I was allowed to change, I have no clue.

On July 17 & 18 we had sports festival! I was told to show up in sports cloth, I thought for preparation of the school festival but we appeared to have a sports festival. Well… mis Communications!

We had to choose between volleyball and soccer. Most boys went for soccer but there were a lot of boys that choose volleyball! All girls choose volleyball. Unfortunately we did not win but it was very nice to encourage everyone. Especially the sports classes are very good at every sport.

July 21 & 22 we had school festival! The twenties was only for students. Every class had a representative in the fashion show, sold food and had a dance team! My class sold Bekkouame, that are sweets and lollypops, made of sugar mixed with water and then cook it! Very simple and tasty. I also joined the dancing team. We were with four girls and six boys. It was very nice with everyone. The other dance groups were so good, especially the third years!

I had a lot of food and made tons of photos with everyone!

The second last Photo Kanji wears a stupid hair peace that looks awful.

And yes, each class had its own T-shirt.

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