Holiday & Zoo with English speaking club

23 juli

Today I went with Rachel and three girls form the English speaking club to the zoo. Today was the last day before summer holidays!
It was actually a goodbye party for Rachel who is leaving August 12.

I waited at school in my ordinary cloth. There were some people from school and also the rugby and track and field boys were pretty surprised to see me in my ordinary cloth and wearing make-up. They were staring at me when I came by.

We First went for curry soup in one of the best curry soup restaurants in Sapporo! I do not like spicy food that much but I am getting used to it! I still choose level one since I get wet eyes from this already. We were invited for this soup by our English teacher.

Then we went to the zoo in Murayama. I went to this zoo before with my previous host mother, and it was still good to be there. This time no Purikura! No we were exhausted from cleaning earlier today. It was also the last school day! I think I have summer holiday until the 26th.

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