Karaoke and Hanabi

27 juli

Juli 25 we had a karaoke afternoon with the exchange students from school because Rachel is leaving soon, August 12. We had a pizza and we had a lot of fun! This time I was better able to sing along then the first time I went to karaoke with them!
I don’t have so much to tell about it except that no one noticed that Jordyn, the one in the grey shirt, showed a funny face and we later found out about it! 😀

July 27 there was a big Hanabi, fireworks festival in Nakajima Park ! I first wanted to go with Kanji but he was busy so I went with Erika and her school friends!
This time I could finally wear my yukata, japanese dress! First I thought I could dress myself but I finally called my host mother for assistance! My yukata if off white with pink flowers, very nice! Most of the girls wear dark yukatas with flowers.
We met at Odori were we took Purikura! Unfortunately the group was too big to show all yukatas, but it was fun!

We walked all the way to Nakajima park, that is pretty far and quite uncomfortable with these yukata shoes that are a sort of wooden slippers.
The fireworks was near the bridge and we all sat down in the grass, on a mat of course. Then we went to 7Eleven for food and we enjoyed the fireworks. The was also an exchange student from Erika’s school that will stay for three weeks.

Erika went with two other girls searching for her boyfriend, pretty useless in this crowd! I stayed with three other girls and it was very nice! They could even speak some English. Every time a high school student speaks English I am pretty much overwhelmed!
The fireworks were beautiful! They had even faces, hearts and frogs! Why they have fireworks festivals all year… I don’t know, I probably has something to do with legends or myth. It is at least very nice!
I wonder what happens with new year. It will be a white Christmas and new year anyway. It start snowing half November anyway and it won’t stop until March. Now it sounds funny but then it won’t be.

When it was finished I went with two others back home with the subway! One lives a station before mine the other one station further. When I arrived at the station my feet hurt that much that I changed to my sports shoes. That must have looked awkward but it was much more comfortable.

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