Last time with Rachael

8 augustus

Today I made an appointment with Rachael. She is leaving on Aug, 12 back home in the US and because I will be on holiday on 12e en 13e with my host family I can’t say goodbye on the airport.

We went for Purikura! A lot! Because we didn’t took Purikura together before and that is always fun. (I am going to miss that back home) Then we went for karaoke. We had so much fun! And we talked a lot and had to go home.

We agreed to see each other in the future! That’s so nice from being an exchange student! You not only meet new friends in your guest country but from all over the world! Free holiday addresses!

And to Rachael, whenever you read my blog!
A big thanks for everything! Although I have to admit we did not always go along well, I have had so much pleasure with you and I will for certain never forget you!

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