Kanji’s birthday

11 augustus

Yes! Happy birthday ! Today is Kanji’s birthday. We agreed to meet at 11 O’clock at the subway station but at 10:30 Kanji decided to call me and to ask me where I was! I don’t know whether he was early or I was late, but whatever.

We went to Sapporo Eki where we bought tickets for the movie we wanted to see. Total recall, just came out in Japan! Yep, Japan is not too fast with film releases!

After picking up the tickets we had one hour and a half left before the movie stated. We had lunch and walked around at Sapporo Eki. It was extremely busy! Much more busy than an ordinary Saturday.

The movie was fun! Or better, it was a good movie! Yes, I don’t know what more to say about it. It surprised me that it was so silent in the cinema, no noisy youth, no mess or popcorn on the floor. Just people that went to the cinema to watch a movie and no people that only come to irritate others!

Dutch should take Japan as example, except for the waste bin problem. They don’t have any waste bin around! You keep your waste with you or you find a waste bin in a convenient store.

Back to the story. After the movie we went to Odori park where it was also very busy. We were a little bit lazy because of the movie and therefore we sat down and enjoyed the beautiful wetter. I asked Kanji if he wanted to open his presents here or when he was back home. In Japan it is not common to open presents in amongst others, even not with the one that gave the present, and especially not in public in a park! But I was curious whether liked it. After 10 minutes he asked if he could open the presents and of course I responded with a yes! He liked his presents very much and I thought him how you thank someone with a kiss! A kiss in public in Japan is weird! Not that it is not allowed but nobody does it. Kanji bravely gave me a kiss, like a Dutch, and thanked me for the presents!

On our way back home we have been talking in a more quiet park until we had to go back home. He told me that this was the first time he celebrated his birthday with his girlfriend and he was very happy. Back home he read my letter and mailed me that he was even more happy and that this was a TOP day! And I agree!

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