Bowling with Yuhei and Wakana

10 augustus

Today I went bowling together with Yuhei and Wakana. I met them via a friend of Rachael at the Yosakoi festival in June. They are both on the same university and speak English very well! I wanted to meet them earlier, but every time something came in between. This time we met, finally!

You probably think we would speak English but that’s not so. They were overwhelmed how much progress I made speaking Japanese since last time we met. We sometimes used English words when I did not know the words in Japanese. That is handy for sure. When I don’t know a word when I am with Kanji, well then I have bad luck! On the other hand it is a big challenge  😉

We would meet at Sapporo Eki were I was immediately welcomed by a very happy Yuhei! We went to a huge bowling center near Sapporo Eki. There were 34 bowling tracks and we had the last one! I can’t even remember when I played bowling for the last time and that was clearly visible by my scores.

Fortunately I did not miss everything and even had two spares! Yuhei on the contrary threw one strike after the other, really bizarre! Wakana was… good haha, better than me. Wakana is such a sweet girl!

After playing bowling Wakana and Yuhei joined me buying a present for Kanji. He has birthday tomorrow… and without their help I might have been able to buy something but I thought it was quite difficult since birthdays are not really celebrated in Japan. I finally bought a photo album with 100 pages so we have to take some more pictures! And I bought him a fragrance, not that he smells, not at all. But a fragrance is always nice!

We had a very delicious ice waffle! It was very nice and we already made a new appointment, but then also with Fumiya. I met her at Yosakoi and she is currently in China for three weeks as an exchange student.

At night I wrote a veeeeeeery nice and sweet letter for Kanji, very cheesy. And I decorated a birthday card (that I bought before.) And now waiting for his reaction!

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