Surprise with Inês and Kanji

14 augustus

Inês, an AFS student from Portugal that went back home to Portgual already, came back to Sapporo. Just for one week to surprise her boyfriend! Since she was back home she worked all the time to earn money for this trip. She only told me about it and I told Kanji, that was allowed. She did not know how to surprise her boyfriend, who is a friend of Kanji, therefore Kanji and I joined the plot!

Inês, Kanji and I first practiced in a park. We were sitting on a bench when suddenly a man with his daughter came to us. He asked where we are from and Inês says: Portugal, I said Holland and what said Kanji… Mongolia! Inês and I looked at him as if he became crazy. That man kept talking to us and after he left we cried from laughing!

We would meet at a hotel. Her friend, Koshiro, came back from camp and his bus would stop near the hotel. Kanji made an appointment with him just for a talk. When he arrived Inês en I hide in a small park. We could see them but they didn’t see us. Kanji told Koshiro that Inês was very busy lately and that made Koshiro a liitle pissed off. Kanji told Koshiro that he heard from me that Inês went out very often with another boy. Koshiro was really in shock and Kanji pretended if he was telling the truth. We would come as soon as Kanji would take off his cap. He advised Koshiro to ask Inês himself if he wanted to be sure and on that moment Inês stood right behind him

That was really a great moment, his face was priceless. He could not believe she was really Inês and couldn’t speak a word for 10 minutes!

Kanji and I had to leave since we have to be home at 9 O’clock.
I would see Inês again that week but I could not reach her anymore. We however have a lot of contact by e-mail, so that’s good!

I still had holiday for one more week, while I first though it was two weeks, but this week I spend a lot of time in bed. Kanji was on camp and my friends were busy. I was rather homesick and felt depressed. This family is very busy and are almost never at home and that makes me feel alone. Fortunately school begins soon although I am a little nervous since Rachel won’t be around anymore

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