Tokyo, Hong Kong and Schiphol

3 februari

The long journey started in Tokyo. We left to Narita airport with a small group of people from various districts. At the airport, an AFS volunteer waited for us and brought us to a place to wait.

There were several students from Denmark and some other countries. We arrived at 2pm and my flight was 6pm. I thought I had to wait for a long time but I was the first person to leave. I saw Amber for a couple of minutes, but she left with her Dutch mom to travel for another two weeks.

It was finally time to check in. Because Amber left with her mom, I was the only Dutch person to return to the Netherlands. I was flying with Cathay Pasific, via Hong Kong. My suitcase was 22.5KG! Which I think is quite an achievement. Of course they didn’t know the same amount was in my carry bag.

After a coffee from Starbucks, I entered the customs. My gate was far away so I had to take a mini-train and had to wait again.
My flight arrived on time. I had the window seat and next to me was a Japanese grandmother. I think she was kind of nervous, because she drank a lot of alcohol.

The flight was fine but there was some turbulence, which made the grandma more nervous which made me nervous.
When I arrived in Hong Kong, I had to check my next gate. Again, I had to go through a check but unlike the Japanese customs, the Hong Kong customs were very rude and loud. They kept on screaming to keep on walking.

Another two-hour wait. And even more because the flight was delayed. I was very hungry but most almost all restaurants were closed. Luckily I still had Lays chips.

During my flight to the Netherlands, I was sitting next to a Dutch man. We didn’t talk so much. I was fast asleep and even missed dinner. Fortunately, the stewardess brought me my dinner.

The flight took endlessly, 12 hours in total. I tried to sleep and sometimes I enjoyed the starry night. My whole flight was during the night, because I traveled in different time zones.

Arriving at Schiphol, I had to walk a long time. The passport control also took endlessly, a lot of foreigners were questioned. I also had to wait endlessly for my suitcase to arrive. When they arrived I headed to the departure hall.

My whole family and Nora were waiting for me with balloons and banners! So much fun! It was such a surprise and a bit emotional. It was 6 in the morning.

Of course the first thing I did was cuddle with my cats and then we ate cake and breakfast together. I truly enjoyed a typical Dutch snack, broodje kroket. I ate all the things I couldn’t eat at once!
During the day a lot of people came to visit me, like my uncles and aunts, the neighbours, my school friends.

At the end of the day I was totally exhausted and I went to, my own, bed very early.

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