TB test & Visa

8 maart

Today my mother and I went to Dordrecht for a Tuberculosis test. Japanese schools require exchange students to take the test. What it means, is a really good question, but let’s hope when I go back on Monday they’ll tell me everything is fine!

We were lucky we arrived on time in The Hague at the Japanese Embassy for my visa! The Dutch security man recognized me from last year! I received my other visa exactly one year and one day ago! I also met 3 guys of the OTC (Japanese language and communication university) the school I want to go to when I finish high school! They said it was really awesome that I will go to Japan for 11 months đŸ˜€

The procedure did not go that well since we had to fill in the family and school data that we didn’t bring with us. Retrieving the info via internet was very hard. But we finally had all the information and entered the visa request on time. Afterwards I had lunch with my mom near the Peace Palace. Two O’Clock we could collect the visa at the embassy. Its a beautiful light blue paper with shiny pink flowers.

Now only 11 days left and time flies! I am really looking forward to it although I feel more nervous than last year! đŸ˜›

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