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Tennis tournament in Maruyama

26 mei

It has been a while since ( last updated my blog. It’s now Saturday afternoon and today I did not went to tennis. My sisters would actually have a sports festival (運動会) but that was postponed due to a few … Lees verder

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An ordinary school week in Japan

13 mei

I think most of you are wondering how I spend my school week! Every morning I get up at 6 am and get ready for school. I take the train at 7.24, which takes 35 minutes to Sapporo Eki, there … Lees verder

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Yuna’s entrance ceremony & kimono!

6 april

Today was Yuna’s entrance ceremony. It started at 10:30 so I could stay in bed until 9:00. At nine O’clock Okaa-san returned from the hair dresser who made her hair beautiful. Mama-chan helped Okaa-san with her Kimono, and that is … Lees verder

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More about my host family

12 maart

Today I received an email with additional information about my (temporary) host family! Unfortunately I can not place pictures for privacy reasons, maybe I can do that later when I am there and ask their permission! I have a father, … Lees verder

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Meer info over mijn gastgezin!

12 maart

Vandaag kreeg ik een mailtje met extra informatie over mijn (tijdelijke) gastgezin! Ik mag helaas geen foto’s erop zetten vanwege privacy, maar misschien als ik met hun op de foto sta dat het wel mag! Ik heb een vader, moeder … Lees verder

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Host family, Location & School

27 februari

On holiday in Austria I finally received an email from AFS with my placement data. It took a long time but that was expected. You’ll probably wonder why I’m not going to my first family in Chiba, but thats because … Lees verder

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