Schiphol, Hong Kong, Narita!

20 maart


Today has finally come! Amber and I are going to JAPAN! My parents, brother and my best friend Nora went to Amsterdam airport. Amber already arrived and Koen, the AFS Program Manager, welcomed us. We had some time to say goodbye and then we went through customs. We thought we had plenty of time left and went for a lunch until we noticed that we had only 10 minutes left. We started running to the gate and arrived on time.

The flight to Hong Kong went smooth but time was crawling. The runway in Hong Kong is build in the sea so it was just like we were landing at sea. Hong Kong is sky scrapers as far as the eye can see. It was 8:00 AM local time and 24:00 PM in Holland. We had a quick connection flight to Tokyo, Japan. The flight however was pretty bumpy and two Dutch men behind us complained about the pilots skills. Amber and I did not feel very well after a lack of fresh air for over 12 hours and Amber was really sick when we arrived at Narita airport.


At Narity immigration went fast although the customs officer checked both my first and second visa at least 5 times. His English wasn’t that good so I could not explain my last year trip was canceled. Finally we passed immigration and collected our luggage. AFS was already waiting for us.

We now only had to wait for students from Nepal that were on the same flight. Then we went to the Narita Nikko Hotel where we met the other students. We were almost the last to arrive. At arrival we had to give an interview to explain who we are and why we are here. After that we received our room key and had some time to shower and fresh up. I shared the room with a girl from Nepal and a girl from Mongolia, unfortunately not with Amber. In the beginning the other girls didn’t spoke at all and when they did their English was terrible. After a while we spoke a little. That night I met people I already met on the Facebook group before. I was nice to meet them in person. There was a speech for the whole group and we sang the AFS song.

The next day we were divided in three groups: Osaka (South), Nagoya (Middle) and Tokyo (North) and we all went to our own chapter.  I was in the Tokyo group.

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