First day with host family & Otaru

25 maart

Today two happy sweet sisters woke me up. I planned to sleep a little longer but thats not possible, although (they allow me :P) And to ask if they could let me sleep for a while longer is not easy with my Japanese language skills. Today is my host mothers birthday. I already gave some presents yesterday like stroopwafels (Dutch speciality), chocolate and fake wooden shoes! I did not expect they would wear them but they wear them all day! Today I gave okaa-san (my host mother) the Delft Blue cooking stuff and seeds for the garden. She was very happy with it. I think they are not used to give presents to each other on birthdays because I was the only one congratulating her and giving a present. Today we went to Otura somewhat outside Sapporo on the coast. It is a touristic place although I was the only foreigner. We went to the aquarium. The family likes day trips very much! The aquarium was very nice. It is nice to be with Japanese people in an aquarium because with every fish they see they say: “Oh this one is so delicious!!” and “We should try someday!”. We also saw a walrus and a dolphin show.  Miyu was even kisst by the walrus, very funny.
We went to the chicken restaurant, Naruto, for dinner. I think they don’t have many foreigners in their restaurant because when they noticed the ‘gaijin’ (foreigner) in their restaurant the whole crew, kitchen crew included, subtly walked by looking with big eyes.

In the evening Miyu and me made a pie with banana and strawberries! VERY NICE! :). At breakfast lunch and dinner they eat a lot and I really wonder how they stay so thin! Oh, today I also bought shoes for school. They are really VERY ugly, but everyone wears them so that won’t be a problem. My school uniform was already at the house. It fits perfectly and looks very good! Some people have ugly school uniforms but I am very happy with my uniform. (Click on the photo ->)

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