10 april

Holiday! Yes yes, now already! Today is introduction day for the first year students. In Japan senior High School is three years. I am ni-nen, second year.

This morning I went with Okaa-san to calligraphy lessons. We planned to do that some days earlier but our family is SO busy. We went to the ‘central Ainosato’ building. In the building were also dancing lessons. All grandmothers :P. The calligraphy lessons  were attended by old people but also people of 30/40 years old. Everyone was surprised that there was a foreigner. And they spoke only Japanese to me, I smiled to them.

The calligraphy sensei (teacher) helped me with my first Kanji (Chinese/Japanese characters) what ‘Small and Big’ means. After two times I was already bored and tried some more difficult Kanji. I asked sensei how to write my name in Kanji! I remembered the first two characters but forgot the last one!
They were surprised that my Kanji looked so good, especially because this is my first time writing Kanji.

Red ink is only used by sensei

One hour later we went home to leave immediately. We went for an Obento! A Japanese ‘ ‘lunchbox’. We went to a very nice shop in French and English style. Japanese like European styles! A sort of Buckingham Palace and Versailles style.

I finally choose a simple pink obento.

Tomorrow is my second school day and I am already looking forward to it!

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