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Ultra Japan

19 september

Day 1: 17 September 2016 ULTRA JAPAN! Een kleine droom die uitkomt. Ieder jaar kijk ik uit naar de Ultra sets van ULTRA Miami om te luist… Oh even voor de mensen die minder bekend zijn met de term ‘Ultra’. Ultra Music Festival (UMF) is een … Lees verder

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Owl & Penguin cafe

9 februari

Today I visited an Owl and Penguin cafe with Kanji in Hakodate. Japan is famous for its cafe with animals such as cat cafes, rabbit cafes and so on. When Kanji told me there is a penguin cafe in Hakodate … Lees verder

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Shopping with Nao!

17 september

Today I had an appointment with Nao, a girl that was on Yamanote last year. I met her at the beginning of my exchange, I went that time with a number of Rotary students and Japanese friends to Karaoke. That … Lees verder

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Lake Toya with host family

13 augustus

Today and tomorrow I go on a short vacation with my family. Short vacations are quite common in Japan. Japanese do not have many holidays that they not even want to use in order not to create extra work for … Lees verder

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Fever, AFS meeting, Golden week, Celeste leaving

30 april

It was quite an easy week. After the busy weekend with karaoke and fun I became somewhat run-down. Tuesday was medical checkup day at school that means a day of for me. Unfortunately I became ill and stayed in bed … Lees verder

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10 april

Holiday! Yes yes, now already! Today is introduction day for the first year students. In Japan senior High School is three years. I am ni-nen, second year. This morning I went with Okaa-san to calligraphy lessons. We planned to do … Lees verder

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