Park with Kanji

9 augustus

Today I was supposed to go out for Bowling together with Yuhei and Wakana but because my host parents were expecting family I moved the appointment to tomorrow. Then they said I could do whatever I wanted and had a day off. Great.

Kanji asked if I had time and then we saw each other. He asked not to wear high heels because we would go for a bike ride. He did not tell me where we would go so I just followed him. It was pretty far and went up hill. I do have nothing against riding a bike but riding uphill without  gears is not really my thing! But I am strong and so I did not complain until I could not get any further anymore!
The walked the last part. We went to a park (旭山記念公園) in the mountains.
When we reached the top we had a very nice view over a large part of Sapporo, it was so beautiful! The weather was great too and we sat down and enjoyed the beautiful view.

Japanese people often escape to the park to relax and to be away from the busy life in the city.

Riding back home, downhill, went a lot faster!

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