To the movies with Wakana

25 augustus

Saturday I went to the movies with Wakana . She is the girl I met at the Yosakoi festival. Since Fumiya is currently in Chine and Yuhei in New Zeeland I promised to go out with her so she would not be alone.

We agreed to meet at Sapporo station at 10 O’clock and I was pretty late. But Wakana did not show up for thirty minutes and I thought something might have happened to her. But she missed her train and sent me a sms on my Japanese mobile that I hardly use since I have internet on my iPhone. When she arrived we immediately went for the movie tickets: The Avengers!

We had quite some time left and instead of going to the Karaoke we went for shopping! She wanted to buy a present for her boyfriend’s birthday. On our way to Odori we had a super delicious ice cream! Here you can choose the strangest tastes. I choose strawberry mixed with banana and lemon! That’s my favorite! On our way to Odori I was suddenly attacked from the right by.. SATO_SAN! Tylers host mother that lives next to my first host family. Her daughter had a dance competition and she was worried of how I was right now and asked if everything was ok. I was a little shocked. I have that often lately that people suddenly start to talk to me. In 30% of these cases I don’t know who it is and I just smile. Often they are Yamanote students wearing a lot of makeup and colored hair that I don’t recognize at all.

After buying the present in Odori we have looked around for nice cloths. Back in Sapporo station I bought that purse that I had seen a while ago. They still had it! It is brown with gold and has bows, very sweet! I also bought new earphones because my Sennheisers broke down! Now I have these fluorine green by Sony! They aren’t as good as the Sennheisers but they don’t sell them here so this was the best alternative!

Wakana and I had a Starbucks and then went to the movie. We were lucky to have tickets already because now there was a line from here to … Amsterdam! Even with 10 cash desks open! We went for the 3D movie. It was awesome! If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s worth seeing it.

After the movies Wakana had to go to work and I went home. It was so nice, I can’t wait seeing her again!

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