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30 april

It was quite an easy week. After the busy weekend with karaoke and fun I became somewhat run-down. Tuesday was medical checkup day at school that means a day of for me. Unfortunately I became ill and stayed in bed … Lees verder

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Oriëntatie in Tokyo

22 maart

Today, thursday, we received a lot of information about what to do and not to do, rules etc.. The AFS volunteers, Marina and Machiko, were very nice! They were the sensei (teacher) of our group with people from Germany, Tsjechie … Lees verder

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Schiphol, Hong Kong, Narita!

20 maart

20-03-2012 Today has finally come! Amber and I are going to JAPAN! My parents, brother and my best friend Nora went to Amsterdam airport. Amber already arrived and Koen, the AFS Program Manager, welcomed us. We had some time to … Lees verder

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