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Tennis club, Purikura & Pictures

6 May

Today a went to the tennis club again. I woke up at 7 O’Clock and appointed with Fumi (the graduated Yamanote student) to walk together to school. He is very nice but speak  zero English, so it is very hard … Continue reading

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Fever, AFS meeting, Golden week, Celeste leaving

30 April

It was quite an easy week. After the busy weekend with karaoke and fun I became somewhat run-down. Tuesday was medical checkup day at school that means a day of for me. Unfortunately I became ill and stayed in bed … Continue reading

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Karaoke, Purikura and Clubs!

24 April

Celeste (from Australia) asked if I wanted to go to Sapporo eki (train station) on Saturday to go out with a group of Rotary exchange students (like AFS) and some Japanese friends. A little over a week, Celeste will return … Continue reading

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First week at school

20 April

It is now Friday morning and today I have no school. That is because there are medical checkups for all students. Our homeroom teacher said we had to go for a checkup, but because we had a check before we … Continue reading

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First day on school!

9 April

Today was my first school day! We had to be at school at 8:10. Okaa-san and me took the train of 6:37. I woke up at 5:00 because I was pretty nervous for my speech. Once at school, Yamanote Senior … Continue reading

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Host family, Location & School

27 February

On holiday in Austria I finally received an email from AFS with my placement data. It took a long time but that was expected. You’ll probably wonder why I’m not going to my first family in Chiba, but thats because … Continue reading

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