Shopping with Nao!

17 september

Today I had an appointment with Nao, a girl that was on Yamanote last year. I met her at the beginning of my exchange, I went that time with a number of Rotary students and Japanese friends to Karaoke. That time I spoke hardly any Japanese and did not talk much with her.

Until some time ago we met at Facebook because her boyfriend Jordyn, the guy from New Zealand that plays rugby, broke up the relation. They were together for 8 month and I showed sympathy for her. We then agreed to meet each other and do something nice!

When I was waiting for the subway near my home I suddenly met Dylan! De boy that helps with the English speaking club. We were both surprised to see each other and Dylan expressed that THIS was HIS subway station. We traveled both to the same subway station so that was nice. Luckily there we met no other Yamanote students because they might had the idea we were a couple!

When I met Nao we went window shopping in Odori but soon we went to Sapporo Eki because the shops there are nicer. On our way we stopped at an ice cream shop where I had delicious ice cream before with Wakana. This time I choose something else, chocolate with caramel! So good! We talked for over an hour about virtually everything. Kanji and her (ex) boyfriend live in the same dorm and share their cloth, caps and shoes quite often. Each time Nao thought Jordyn bought something new it was Kanji’s. The same happens to me with Kanji! So we concluded that they must have some sort of relation besides us!

That afternoon we had delicious spaghetti! It really was very, very delicious! Next we went shopping. Both of us have a totally different style, but we had fun. I only bought two pair of socks, and, as usual, we took Purikura! Then we found out that we had run out of (cash) money.. I traveled back to Kotoni on Nao’s bus card!

At home I found quite some cash that I had put in a box. Too bad but I had a very nice day! The weekend was top and we had one extra holiday!

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